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A Multi-day Footrace Adventure

June 17-23, 2012

Run from Grand Junction, Colorado to the world famous Moab, Utah along the beautiful 148-mile Kokopelli trail. Distances will range from day to day between 9 and 50 miles. This is a grueling event that will challenge the most seasoned athletes yet it is designed so that less experienced ultrarunners can train for and successfully complete the course.
The entire length of the trail is stunningly beautiful with jagged canyons and breathtaking vistas and Desert R.A.T.S. racers experience every beautiful mile.

Racers will rendezvous in Moab, UT on Sunday, to receive their Expedition Journals with detailed course maps and final race instructions. Early on Monday, runners will be transported to the start line near Grand Junction and head off for the first of six days. Each day runners will be greeted at the finish line and directed to the tent city where they can mingle, access their gear, enjoy a hot meal provided by Gemini Events and rest up for the next day. While sleeping gear and supplies are forwarded to the tent city for runners, there is a 3000 cu. in. limit for each bag (so think before you pack) and all runners must carry a minimum amount of mandatory gear at all times over the course of the entire event. Each morning runners will rise for a light breakfast, also provided by Gemini Events, and an early morning start of the next stage from the site of the tent city.

Crews are encouraged to come out and cheer on runners and provide additional support at designated aid stations.

The 50-mile section is certainly the greatest challenge but runners have twenty hours to complete this section, leaving runners with the option to run light and fast or to carry more gear and rest as needed along the course.

Each night the tent city buzzes with excitement as the day’s results and overall standings are posted and the nightly meeting is held to make announcements.

Runners finishing the entire 148-mile course will arrive in Moab, UT with the satisfaction of having completed the ultimate adventure running race. That night all runners completing the entire course within the established rules will be presented with a finisher’s award at a memorable post-race party open for all runners and their families.

Desert R.A.T.S. will provide tents and meals for racers, including a hot meal at night. In the morning, breakfast will be provided prior to race start. During the day snack foods and sandwiches made the previous nigt by the racers will be available. Sleeping and overnight supplies will be transported to the finish line for the racers. Each racer is limited to one 3000 cu. in. bag which will be transported by Gemini Adventure officials. · Each leg must be completed in the time allowed. Cut-off times will be posted the night before each stage at the nightly meetings and will pertain to aid stations as well as the daily finish lines. These cut-off times are designed to ensure the safety of runners. · Daily outdoor camping will be at pre-selected sites. Gemini Events provides tents (6-8 persons per tent). Participants may use their free time to prepare their set up for the night and for medical care, if necessary.

· An Expedition Journal will be supplied to each competitor upon check in. This book will reveal the exact course and will include maps, course description, crew information and various points of interest along the course. This book must be carried with you at all times and must be presented upon demand.

· Each evening a briefing will be given relating to the next days’ stage by the organizers.

· Each entrant will receive “aid station” food at aid stations throughout the race. Any additional food may be supplied by racers or crew.

· Each competitor must carry required gear (see rules and regulations) and in all circumstances carry of a minimum of 1000 calories and 80 oz. of liquid per day i.e. enter each aid station with 1000 calories and leave each aid station with 80 oz. of water, we strongly urge that each racer have the capability to carry 140 oz. of liquid.

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