martes, 24 de abril de 2012


Wow...welcome back,

Today it´s been one of these days that you leave home in the morning and you go back close to midnight. One of these days that you don´t have  time to relax. One of those days that you are running all day and living many things. But it  is a new and a special day for many reasons. The NDPA Soccer team is growing up fast. We have won two in a row. We are on fire, discovering new posibilities. We won our first game away and we are doing great. We have the chance to be in the Play-offs.

One more game today...and good news. Utah Jazz is in the play offs. We beat Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns to qualify to the Play offs against San Antonio Spurs. We will see Ginobili, Toni Parker, Tim Duncan... Sounds good, and hard.

Have a good night.

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