lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

My mind better than my body...

It´s been really hard today. I felt this kind of feelings that you have when you are close to finish a long race. I did 10 miles, around 16 km, but I am absolutely exhausted. I can be all day thinking about my races. It´s one of thoes moments that I think I can run everything...but today I did suffer. I was blogging yesterday and I didn´t rest. The evening was too hot. I didn´t have water...I have been too many times at the restroom today... result... 1 hour and 15 minutes running bad...controlling my bad feelings...but I did it. I need to run again to recover good sensations. Now, I have to body is smart...and needs a break.

My mind is body will be tomorrow. I have some goals on my way... 30 K in Ogden this weekend, Ogden Marathon, RATS Desert...

Have a good one.

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